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Feed Quality


  • Help fight against salmonella and ecoli (Green, yellow, white watery diarrhea)
  • Reduce dependence on drugs
  • Improves growth, production and proper feed utilization
  • Lowers flock mortality
  • Improves digestion & utilization of feed
NB: Inclusion 0.5kg or 1kg per ton finished feed

  • To remove toxins from feeds
  • To neutralize moulds in the feeds
  • Absorb extra moisture in feed
  • To improve both production and growth of animals
  • Protects internal organs from toxins
NB: Inclusion 1kg or 2kg per ton of finished feeds depending on the challenge

  • Powerful source of raw material and finished feed protection
  • Provides unsurpassed protection
  • Effective control of bacteria, mold, viruses and yeast
  • Fast-acting and leaves no residue in meat or final products



  • Prevent coccidiosis (brown and red watery stool)
  • Use in young birds up to 5 weeks in broilers and up to four months in layers. Do not use in lay.
NB: Inclusion 0.5kg per ton finished feed